Pacific Stratus

Pacific Stratus

Pacific Stratus Mountain Bikes have different types of mountain bike units for bikers. One of them is Pacific Stratus Men’s 26” Mountain Bike. The stratus is equipped with steel mountain frame geometry with sure-stopping front and steel caliper brakes. The torque drives 15-gear thumb shifters.

Meanwhile, this helps you change gears quickly while on the move. Other features include a mountain handlebar and stem, a one-piece MTB crank and steel wheels for control and durability.  Pacific Stratus Mountain Bikes for women 26-inch wheels have the same features and description with the Men’s 26” Mountain Bike it also has a very affordable price and a good quality.

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The only difference is the shipping weight. Women’s mountain bike has a weight of 40.4 pounds while Men’s has a weight of 46 pounds. Well, this is because men are much stronger than women.If you like to get dirty and ride the trails, you’re going to want the beefed-up suspension and sturdy tires and design for riding off-road and over rugged terrain.

It also has strong durable frames and wheels, strong brakes, low gears for hill climbing and upright handlebars.We all know that mountain bikes have either a front or full dual-suspension built for absorbing trail shock. Most mountain bikes use wheels with rims.

Pacific Stratus Mountain Bike Review

Since the development of the sport in the 1970, many new subtypes of mountain biking have developed such as cross-country (XC) biking, all day endurance biking, free ride- biking, downhill mountain biking and a variety of track and slalom competitions. MTB development has included increase in gearing up to 30 speeds to facilitate both climbing rapid decent. Other developments include disc instead of rim brakes.

Pacific Cycle is one of the country’s major manufacturers of inexpensive bicycles and their Pacific Stratus Mountain Bike for men is a good beginner’s Mountain Bike. It currently sells for $109.74 on Amazon.Com.

Unfortunately, these are down sides to buying such an inexpensive bicycle. While it is easy enough to assemble, some buyers might be turned off by the fact that any assembly is required at all. Pacific Stratus Mountain Bikes is also a bit heavier than other Mountain Bikes.

The steel frame may contribute a lot to its sturdiness but the weight that it adds maybe the problem for the hilly ride for bicyclists who are used to lighter models. Some have also complained that the gears are composed of plastics and can be broken easily. They allegedly pop ways too easily. Fortunately, bicycles are inexpensive enough so, it is maybe worth to order another bike.

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Despite of shortcomings, the Pacific Stratus Mountain Bikes for men is a good buy for amateurs or for those looking for a cheap bike for exercise. If you want a durable mountain bike for a low price, you really can do much better than this one. Like most merchandise of any quality, you get what you pay for.

Pacific Cycle is the parent company of Schwinn and Mongoose. If you want a great biking adventure, get Pacific Stratus Mountain Bikes now and experience the best!